Organic fertilizer spreader “Organic TRUCK”


Organic TRUCKS – a new universal towing technique, developed by VAB LTD’s own design office.

This type of technique will be able to solve several tasks simultaneously for the peasant household: the application of organic fertilizers to the preparation of the soil for sowing and the transport of various agricultural products (silage, hay, cereals, beets). It is intended for spreading solid manure, compost and peat to a width of 13 to 17 m.

Type: organic fertilizer-trailer, universal, triaxial.

Overall dimensions: height – 3.66 m, width – 2.70 m, length – 13.17 m.

Overall body dimensions: volume – 30.8 m3, height – 1.40 m, width – 2.20 m, length – 10.00 m.

Own weight: weight of the trailer without load – 14 tons (+/- 400 kg).

Permissible weight of the load: load capacity – up to 32 000 kg.

Organic TRUCKS universal trailers have a high loading and housing capacity, maneuverability, easy access to operated nodes, warranty services and European quality.

The construction features allow the use of the trailer in difficult weather and road conditions during all agricultural seasons.

The large volume of the body, as well as the possibility to install additional side shutters on the trailer allow to significantly save the means for the logistics of fertilizers and other agricultural products. The number and location of the rigidity ribs on the body, as well as the quality of the welding work, allow the use of the trailer at high loads, without compromising the resource.

When assembling the most important elements of the trailer, we use only the world’s top manufacturers, who have recommended themselves as leaders in their industries:

  • Hydraulic systems: France
  • Braking system: World leader in braking systems.

For the manufacture of knots and highly loaded elements, wear-resistant steel of type Hardox 450, Domex 450 (Strenx 700 S) is used, the rest of the elements – 09G2S, which increases the service life of the technique:

  • Body: sides: Strenx 700 S steel – high impact viscosity, resistance to cracks;
  • Body: bottom: Hardox 450 steel – abrasion resistance, increased impact resistance;
  • Frame: 300 * 100 * 8, 09G2S pipe;
  • Chassis: TVZ.

A welded frame is mounted on the universal trailers:

  • Longitudinal sleepers – rectangular tube, overall dimensions 100×300 mm;
  • Transverse sleepers – rectangular tube, 09G2S;
  • Support elements – hot rolled U profile 09G2S.

Chassis. The axles are pressed with reactive traction, the rectangular pipe beam, the first and last axis – thrusters. Pneumatically or hydraulically operated drum brakes.

The uniformity of the application of organic fertilizers is achieved thanks to the Italian vertical spreaders BERMA, with a thickness of 15 mm (the only ones on the distributor market). This thickness increases their resource by 33%, the manufacturing material: HARDOX 400. The maximum spreading width of solid manure – 17 m. Flow rate – from 10 to 78 t / ha.

The treadmill system offers the ability to withstand a load of up to 40,000 Nm while moving raw materials (manure, silage, hay) in the rear of the trailer.

The conveyor is equipped with a hydraulic braking device, reverse system, 2 hot stamped connection chains with a diameter of 20 mm, squeegees with a section of 80×45 mm, hydraulic drive like a tractor. The removable structure of the chain and squeegees allows you to quickly disassemble and replace the component parts.

Sliding rear wall with vertical rails, lifting is done by means of two lever mechanisms and two hydraulic cylinders.

The simple control computer allows you to easily start the technique in operation even during operation.

Required tractor power: 310-340 hp