Grain storage and processing

The main fields of activity of VAB LTD are engineering, design, manufacture and installation of equipment for grain storage and processing complexes. We offer a series of services for determining the client’s needs, searching for optimal solutions, conceptual development of the project and its material realization in the form of finished equipment and installation works.


The modern production facilities, the staff of highly qualified specialists offer the possibility to achieve in the shortest time the optimal indicators at a minimum cost. In addition to accompanying the entire flow of the project, our company’s specialists perform warranty and post-warranty services.


Currently, VAB LTD lifting equipment is installed at more than 80 grain silos in Ukraine. These include both small silos and large and even port terminals. In 2015, we launched three new destinations, in addition to the production of silos, the company also offers conveyors, screws and clouds. The product range of VAB LTD is expanding dynamically, taking into account the requirements of agro-industrial market participants.


A wide range of silos allows you to choose containers with a capacity from 4.6 m³ to 27 008 m³ and a diameter from 1.8 m to 32.0 m for short-term and long-term storage of different crops. We can implement your ideas.


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Drying facilities are designed to remove moisture from cereals (which include wheat, rice, barley, corn) by evaporation, which allows their subsequent storage. According to grain storage technol-ogy, drying is done at temperatures below boiling point, under certain conditions of temperature, humidity level and amount of air.


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The range of transport equipment of our production has a capacity of 20 to 350 t / h, but it is not limited to these indicators, because at individual requests, we can develop equipment with differ-ent performances.


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Auxiliary equipment is an integral part of the process of transporting grain from any elevator complex. The range of auxiliary equipment for attics includes: landfills, gravity flow equipment, fans, gate valves, reversible valves, flow dampers.


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The separator is designed for cleaning grain crops of large, small and light impurities on mecha-nized streams, elevators and other grain processing facilities. Grain separation is one of the most important operations in the processes of cultivation, storage and processing of cereals.


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A set of equipment for drying, storing and processing the grain

Grain storage equipment allows you to create optimal conditions for preserving all the original qualities of a particular grain. If the farmer refuses to use it, the risk of financial and temporary losses increases significantly. What equipment must be in the arsenal of a farmer who wants to be successful in business?

Equipment for grain storage and processing

Farmers who do not use equipment for drying and storing grain are obliged to donate the crop at a market-determined cost. In order to be able to set the price, you need to offer high quality cereals. This is only possible if the following equipment is used:

  • elevator,
  • mechanized grain storage,
  • metal attic.

Grain processing is a very important step. When cleaned, impurities of organic and inorganic origin (eg sand and pebbles) are emitted from cereals. Special cleaning machines and installations are required here. They allow you to get rid of grains that have certain defects.

You will also need ancillary equipment, namely:

  • flap valves, which are three, two and single;
  • gate valves with shelves, thanks to which it will be possible to regulate the process of releasing cereals or processed products from special containers;
  • gravitational equipment, which includes steel pipes with a rectangular, square or circular cross section.

Equipment for grain storage and processing

Do you want to buy a good set of grain storage equipment and don’t want to overpay for it? Contact Agro Stroy LLC. We sell certified products at reasonable prices. This is possible due to the fact that we have established our own production of this type of equipment, as well as direct cooperation with well-known manufacturers worldwide – Wuppermann Stahl GmbH and Ruukki Metals Oy.

We offer a wide range of products. You will certainly find the most suitable options for you, depending on the specifics of your business. If necessary, the specialists of our company will develop a project for the future construction of a building in which the grain will be placed. Do not hesitate to buy our equipment for storage and processing of cereals and you will succeed in your business.