Irrigation is one of the key factors in solving meteorological problems. Recent years have shown an increase in the repeatability of summer droughts. Reducing the amount of rainfall negatively affects the quality and quantity of the harvest harvested.

Investments in the irrigation system will increase crop yields by up to 2 times with minimum labor costs, as well as transform agricultural production into a stable, highly profitable enterprise, independent of climate fluctuations.

VAB LTD irrigation systems are suitable for medium and large fields, any space and configurations.


The production of Variant Agro Build allows us to offer customers irrigation systems of any configuration and for the individual needs of each farm.


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Agro Build variable irrigation systems are suitable for medium-large fields of all sizes and configurations.


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For control cabinets and control boxes, where reliability and frequency of operation are very important, we use electrical components from Schneider Electric (France), Weidmüller (Germany), OMRON (Japan), ETI (Slovenia). Current collector, 13 rings, manufacturer Hydrus (USA).

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Recently, the summer periods have been quite dry and this trend continues. Given this, for farms with large areas and large production volumes, sprinklers are very relevant. If a small area can be watered manually with a hose, then large areas will be difficult to water this way. Here is the fact that the Variant AB sprinkler system will be just an ideal assistant for farm owners and similar in-dustries.


Your investment in irrigation machines in Ukraine at a favorable price will ensure the most favor-able conditions for your business, including:

  • labor costs are reduced 2-3 times due to system automation;
  • high level of profitability of the enterprise;
  • independence from climatic characteristics and weather conditions.

Sprinklers offer comfortable conditions for growing a variety of garden crops, vegetables and grains, regardless of the level of rainfall this season. These front sprinklers can be used in small or medium areas. If you need to deal with large areas of fields, then you can purchase several mod-els for uniform and comfortable watering.


Profitable use of field irrigation systems can be turned into a successful business. To do this, our company representatives are available by calling the indicated phones following an agreement on the manufacture of specialized equipment as well as on the conditions of delivery and payment for goods. We welcome our customers with the possibility of granting discounts for an increased volume of equipment in optimal conditions of delivery and installation.


Field irrigation systems are sold in the company’s catalogs along with other similar equipment – this allows you to simultaneously purchase all the goods needed to organize optimized and work-ing conditions for the enterprise. At the same time, the cost of the field irrigation system will be lower, as we exclude surcharges for the services of intermediaries in transactions.


Modern field irrigation systems will contribute to the significant growth of your business and, therefore, the investment will be protected and profitable. If you encounter difficulties and cannot find the optimal frontal sprayers, our specialists will be ready to advise you and help you in choosing the most suitable equipment.


If your business, field or farm requires a high quality irrigation system, please contact us.