Headquarters and production facilities


The production capacities are located in Kharkov, Ukraine. Total space of the plant: 16.000 m². The latest high-technology equipment is installed at the plant, and the own warehouse for finished goods is equipped as well. The enterprise processes 1 000 tons of metal/month, or 12.000 tons of metal/year.

Own capacities allow to manufacture the equipment for storing up to 500 ths. tons per year. We offer a full set of solutions for individual demands of each customer, develop the design documentation for new types of equipment, manufacture the equipment, carry out the supervision, warranty servicing and post-warranty maintenance as well.

The plant includes the most state-of-the-art equipment for metal processing, and two rolling lines are in operation: the first allows to roll the plates with thickness to 2 mm; the second rolls solid plates with thickness up to 4 mm and including, which is unique for Ukraine.

Laser cutting facility, which provides for an exact cutting of metal by “melting” the plate edge, a modern hole punching device that has no analogs in Ukraine, as well as bending machines and tube benders with CNC equipment are installed, too.