The separator is designed for cleaning grain crops of large, small and light impurities on mechanized streams, elevators and other grain processing facilities.

Grain separation is one of the most important operations in the processes of cultivation, storage and processing of cereals. The degree of cleaning of the cereals and the classification of the semen material greatly affects the harvest. The degree of separation of cereals after harvesting determines the stability of the quality of the cereals during storage. The cleaning of cereals at flour and cereal factories determines the quality of the finished products. The choice of separation method depends on the main signs of the differences between the particles of the components to be separated. However, in any case, any cereal must be cleaned in an air-screen separator consisting of air and sieve separators.

VAB LTD supplies equipment for the range of grain separators with performances between 25 and 300 t / h, for cleaning cereals from large, small and light impurities.