Accessory equipment


Accessory equipment is an integral part of the grain conveying process within any elevator complex. The range of the accessory equipment for grain storages includes: dump pits, gravity-flowing equipment, fans, dampers, reversing valves, and momentum absorbers. The own manufacture allows to produce the equipment with features that meet the load demands and with the capacity of each single elevator. Generality of elements allows to maintain quickly the details in operation.

Dump pit

Dump pit (storage hopper) is used to accumulate and to convey the grain in the charging bucket elevator by the gravity flow or using a conveyor. We offer a metal structure from a set of welding angles, which provides for both easier conveying and a quicker assembly on the installation place. The volume of grain delivered in the charging bucket conveyor is regulated by a damper. If the damper is closed, the dump pit is used as a temporary storage hopper for grain.

Gravity- flowing equipment

The grain is conveyed from the top to the bottom, using its own weight and by using gravityflowing facilities. Steel pipes with round or square section are manufactured for this purpose, or pipes with longitudinal sections – for lines with high performance.

Reversing dampers and grain momentum absorbers

We manufacture the reversing dampers of different structure. The dampers can be: reversing single-sided, reversing double-sided, or three-sided dampers; with different inclination angle, round and square section. Main units of reversing dampers: welded body manufactured from the steel plates, reversing damper and drive. The structure is equipped with the electric drive (wormtype gear motor). Also, we manufacture three types of grain momentum absorbers: vertical, adjustable and with an eccentric to minimize the products damage.

Square infeed (double)
Square infeed (single)
Square infeed (symmetrical)
Round infeed (double)
Round infeed (single)
Round infeed (symmetrical)
Momentum absorber (vertical)
Momentum absorber (adjustable)
Momentum absorber (eccentric)
Reversing damper (three-sided)
Reversing damper (two-sided)
Reversing damper (single- sided)
Elbow fitting (square)
Transition from square to square
Transition from square to circle
Transition from circle to circle
Round welded flange

Rack and pinion gates

The gates are used for the regulated unloading of grain or its processed products from vessels and hoppers. There can be dampers with manual drive, with electric drives, and adapters

Manual damper
Electric damper