Design office, installation supervision, tests


Design department

High-professional experts in the designing department can design silos, conveying and accessory equipment of any configuration and considering individual demands of each customer.

Our designing department can be called as one of the main company’s advantages. Thanks to itswork the range of goods manufactured by “Variant Agro Build”, LLC is quickly expanding, taking into account the requirements of participants in agricultural market, thanks to their work.

Installation supervision

Equipment produced by Variant Agro Build is sold on terms of the obligatory supervision. Our task is to prevent any errors when storing and installing the components, so this service is essential in this respect!

When an elevator is commissioned, our supervision team controls a correct assembly, compliance with the designing documentation and fulfillment of facility completion deadline.

The manufacturing plant’s warranty covers the equipment. Specialists of our company carry out both warranty and post-warranty servicing. Apart from obligatory supervision, we also offer a training for the customer’s personnel that will assembly the equipment and operate it in the future.

We provide the training free of charge. It includes three main topics:

  • particularities of storing the equipment before the assembling;
  • particularities of equipment assembling;
  • particularities of equipment operation.

We share responsibility for both the business of our customers and for grain that will be stored in the elevator.


We bear responsibility for our products.We realize the equipment, manufactured by our enterprise from the phase of designing documentation up to the comprehensive testing during the assembly (*at customers’ request).

Our team of designers and supervisors controls all assembly phases and provides the warranty after commissioning the object.

Our silos were tested taking into consideration the snow load of 240 kg/m2 under the standard snow load of 180 kg/m². We reached this indicator thanks to enhanced structure of the roof and three stiffener plates for one panel.